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"What are you supposed to do with all the love you have for somebody if that person is no longer there? What happens to all that leftover love? Do you suppress it? Do you ignore it? Are you supposed to give it to someone else?"

- Maggie O’Farrell, After You’d Gone (via larmoyante)

"Amazing sex stays with you. It soaks into your skin. It floats through your dreams and has you silently smoldering with delicious remembrances for hours after. It has you craving it days later. And it has you aching for it if you don’t get it for awhile."

- Roberto Hogue  (via sexual-feelings)

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  • mirror: mmm yasss you look so goooood
  • phone camera: you're ugly go to bed

"Even the prettiest flower can be poisonous."

- Seven Word Story by Pien Pouwels (via oceanflowerbird)